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Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 7 months ago

Download all the 27 Dinner logos: 27 Dinner Logos.zip


Here they are individually to view and comment on...




Tania: I must say, I like this one with the upside down 7 very much. If you there's a t-shirt in my size and around 90% cotton 10% lycra, I'll buy one. The only thing that bugs me about this rendition is that the top curve of the 2 does not terminate parallel to the baseline. I have an obsessive compulsive thing about stuff like that. I would want to edit the vector just so that it will look more relaxing.






Just messing with Tania's logo.. :) chris

A change in the right direction, IMO. Maybe we should lose the "dinner" part altogether. -- Tania


I agree with Tania. I like this one best, but without word "dinner". It's mysterious ;)--Luana


Yet another Logo idea

Taking Tania's suggestion to lose the dinner part to heart


Taken Vince Maher's logo and web two-ified it


- Shaun D.



Remember: it's better to lose the dinner than to lose your lunch. :) -RF.


Inspired by André's clever use of binary 11011:

(the leftmost knife and the rightmost fork are for the people sitting either side of you, with whom you are currently having a lively conversation. -RF.)


I made this new page so that we could chuck all the logos in here as they are starting to clutter the other page. If someone would like to arrange them all nicely, feel free to do so. Here's my latest variation on Shaun & Vince's theme. I have adjusted the curve of the 2 in such a way that it stops parallel to the horizontal; also the 7's tip has been extended to line up properly (I converted the font to curves).



I must say, I did like the knife and fork, though. Would still like to play with the vector if it is available.











<<-- Well Im new to the 27 Dinners and will be meeting you all soon, just thought I would give my input to the logo...

 - Brandon Tancott - Sightings Design --!>

<-- love to get your feedback --!>


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