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To separate the geek from the chaff, I suggest everyone takes the Geek Test at http://www.innergeek.us/geek-test.html and writes their scores next to their names. We can then use a Bubble Sort algorithm to move the high scorers to the top of the invite list.


Response from Tania to anonymous person above: I am all for geekiness (I scored a healthy >25%, and I really do miss a real, proper geeky geek dinner), but in fairness to the Powers Who Initiated the 27 Dinner, the mission statement says, "27 Dinner is a celebration of the power of networks, connections and collective genius. Every month on the 27th we get together to exchange ideas, opinions and business cards. Everyone is welcome." The home page at http://27dinner.pbwiki.com says it is for "geeks, marketers, entrepreneurs, writers, media practitioners, speakers - well, just about anybody who is keen - to share ideas and news and opinions over food and drink". So, while I suppose there is some ground for debate as to whether events like this should be included as links at http://geekdinner.pbwiki.com (which does claim to be for geeks), the 27 Dinner does not specifically claim to be geek-centred but claims instead to be geek-inclusive. I do think that there should be an opportunity for geeks to interact with fashionable characters, and that is what I believe the 27 Dinner is all about; and if the fashionable characters happen to come first, and in such droves that they beat the geeks in putting down their names, then we can always have a big real geek weekend some other time, with proper geeky entertainment; and we can invite these marketers who have been nice enough to invite us.


Comment from an evidently different anonymous person: 

I'm really disgusted by someone who thought no one is watching and just jumped the queue by sneaking his name onto the list of 80 for Cape Town. The waiting list is a queue for a reason!



Response from Henk Kleynhans: Hi Tania, that anonymous person is me (Henk) (rather obvious as I was the first to put my score next to my name). Furthermore, I didn't "jump" the queue as A) I swopped with someone after an invite and checked it with Mike and B) There is no queue that exists as such, although I do realise there's some confusion about this seeing as the organisers did not make it clear...


I.e. Someone could be moved up the queue without really 'standing' in it anymore. If you look at European queuing systems, if your number gets displayed on the electronic billboard and the voice print reads it you only have a few seconds to go to the counter. If you don't make it, the next number gets read out and so on... This is a NUMBERED queue and no-one else reacted to their numbers being called within SEVERAL minutes. The European queuing system works pretty darn well...


Anyways, those are my suggestions, I've communicated with Mike & Dave about it and ultimately I believe it's their call. I am not against them implementing it any other way, but I think everyone agrees that it should be better defined.


Now on to your next, yet much more sensitive point. I am deeply offended that you would choose to CONTRAST geeks with fashionable people. Geeks are the most fashionable people around and the marketing kids are just trying their darndest to catch up. I'm so upset by your patronizing tone that I'll have to sleep with my Darth Vader mask on tonight, just so I can contain myself. This is REALLY going to piss off my wife, as the Darth Vader voicebox mask combined with my heavy snoring causes our little Yorkie-Poo to start howling incontrollably, which in turn leads to the neighbourhood felines to start caterwailing which wakes up the Muezzin living across the road, who now thinks it's the call from another nearby mosque and starts the morning call at 2 AM instead of 5. The last time my Darth Vader voicebox mask caused such a racket that it lead to the invasion of Iraq. But trust me, that's nothing compared to the wrath of my wife...


So please, for the love of peace, retract your statement that contrasts geeks with fashionable people and admit publicly that geeks are the coolest and most fashionable and that everyone wants to be just like them. I see that as the only way to avoid total chaos in Cape Town tonight...



awwww... Henk we ya bru!

(from Max who frankly doesn't give a fark about fashion & still believes the geek shall inherit the earth & if not.. then certainly the mirth ;-D -  you're too cool Henk)


Response to Henk from Tania: Henk, I didn't add that stuff about jumping the queue. Someone else wrote it under my post and so it appeared as though it was I who said it. If I don't also swap with Jeremy due to my own busy schedule, I will see you and chat about the rest of it tomorrow night. You have, I notice, made the assumption that fashionability is cooler than non-fashionability, so I will address that separately. However, I will concede that geekism is certainly a lot more fashionable than it was when I was at school (especially since it started including things like LAN parties). Chat later.


"Seriously, dont you guys have work to do?" - .....




I need a name!

Characteristics: Geek, pale male, red shirt, semi-obnoxious, claims to be a hacker.

Time Frame: I was speaking to him after the dinner had 'ended' before I went to 5 on park. Uno, myself, Stii, Shelly and Gerry were conspiring.

Why: Technical Requests








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