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27-6 Cape Town 27th June 2007





(You only pay for the food that you order)



This is pretty-much an "open-source eventing" initiative, done in the interests of industry development.

The organisers are involved in the industry, but volunteer their efforts.

Any sponsorship goes straight to the audience in attendance.




More info: http://27dinner.pbwiki.com/




  • Cerebra - we orkanize!
  • Stormhoek - will provide a limited amount of wine to get everyone going :-)
  • Missing Link - Video
  • Zoopy.com - Sponsoring 2 Sony DVD cameras for 27dinner video and picture contributions.

Also, see the 27dinner channel (videos and photos) on Zoopy

  • Ikineo - Making sure that speakers don't have to pay for their own dinner :-D
  • Charly's Bakery
      - Are willing to provide chocolate goodness for everyone! (This is dependant on the venue)
  • eSquared Fashion - Tshirt Prize from the funky clothing store @ 11 Regent Road, Sea Point


If you'd like to support 27dinner, please contact Dave Duarte: dave@cerebra.co.za


Sponsorship idea: Anyone keen to sponsor a meal for each of the speakers? Thanks Joshin, sorted.



Cape Town Hotel school restaurant, Beach road, Mouille point

About the hotel school: http://active.cput.ac.za/ahsa/public/index.asp?pageid=436

Sexy Marketing Page: http://www.showcook.co.za/Hotel%20School.htm


It's next door door to the Radisson hotel, which is next door to the Waterfront.








18h30 for 19h00



Guest speakers: The YEIGO  Dream Team of Rapelang, Wilter & Lungisa - www.yeigo.com  - mobile VOIP


100 interesting people:


  1. Dave Gale - dave (at) hittingthewire.co.za >> Talking
  2. Dave Duarte dave@cerebra.co.za wiki wiki MC
  3. Max Kaizen max.kaizen@gmail.com
  4. Graham Knox graham@stormhoek.co.za >> Saying hello
  5. Christopher Rawlinson chrisraw@gmail.com
  6. Jason jason at zoopy dot com >> May say a word or two about a video camera :)
  7. Pat pat at zoopy dot com
  8. Gerry gerry at zoopy dot com
  9. Jacques jacques at powertrip dot co dot za
  10. Jackie Ellse
  11. Brett Reid
  12. Clive Zagno
  13. Mustapha Baboo
  14. Storm Hugo storm at altersage dot com
  15. Christine da Silva christine at altersage dot com
  16. Joey da Silva joey at formfunction dot co dot za
  17. Tania
  18. Sparrows (provided that a rock concert or an ad hoc invitation to some general debaucherous activity doesn't get in the way this time)
  19. Ceri Sawyer ceri dot sawyer at gmail dot com
  20. Marius Bock marius at henriska dot co dot za
  21. Nikki Friedman Nikki dot Friedman at gmail dot com
  22. Alan Alston
  23. Alan Levin
  24. Joshin Raghubar joshin at ikineo dot com
  25. Kevin Tucker kevinatpricecheckdotcodotza
  26. Onno Staal onnoatpricecheckdotcodotza
  27. Miguel dos Santos mdatidrivedotcodotza
  28. Yasser Buchana yasser at intern dot co dot za
  29. Donna Stephen - donna at urge dot coza
  30. Justin Zehmke - justin dot zehmke at teamtalkmedia dot coza
  31. Sarah Rice - sarah at sentientcommunicaitons dot coza
  32. Richard Parry - rajparry@gmail.com
  33. Henk Kleynhans - www.yeahfi.com
  34. Mignon Lotz-Keyser - mignon at peerpower dot coza
  35. Jan Scannell - tongmaster@braaiday.co.za
  36. Dave Fair - withnail@polka.co.za
  37. -t-Rafiq Phillips - http://www.google.com/search?q=rafiq
  38. Ramon Thomas - ramon at ramonthomas.com (NETucation)
  39. David Wessels - SARugby.com
  40. Adi Hope-Bailie - SARugby.com
  41. Stelio Gouveia
  42. Mike Stopforth mike at cerebra dot coza
  43. Marc Z | marc at capetownmagazine dot comhttp://www.capeTownMagazine.com
  44. Andrew Smit andsmit at gmail.com
  45. Jenna Bloch - jenna.daniel@gmail.com
  46. Nicholas Hall nickhallsa at gmail dot com
  47. Ian Gilfillan 27 at greenman dot coza
  48. Catherine Lückhoff from MANGO-OMC - cath at mango-omc dot com
  49. Stefano Sessa - Clickatell
  50. Sarah Blake - sarahblake at gmail dot com
  51. Parri Lückhoff AFRIQUA parri at afriqua dot co.za
  52. Petra Steyn at cape2joy@yahoo.com
  53. Igor Najbicz igor.najbicz@barloworldmotor.com
  54. Quintin Smith schnoekie@gmail.com
  55. Allen Jaffe allen.jaffe@gmail.com
  56. Phil Barrett - userexperience.co.za
  57. Debre Barrett
  58. Linda Brown
  59. Lara Marais- lara at templewines dot co dot za
  60. Amy Brooke- amylbrooke at gmail dot com
  61. Robin Ronne
  62. Ross Douglass
  63. De Waal Steyn dsteyn1@dieburger.com
  64. Daryn Smith - daryn at loadtheshow.com
  65. Galen Hossack - galen at loadtheshow.com
  66. Craig Wilson - New around these parts and wants to see what all the fuss is about :)
  67. Bernadette Gordon
  68. Cindy Reynders - PlayUKinternet
  69. David Thomas - PlayUKinternet
  70. Tammy Lotz - Realmdigital 
  71. Jane Ferreira- janef at rsp dot co dot za
  72. Shelly Levin - have you seen the new Adrands to get traffic 2 your website or blog today?
  73. Gavin Levin
  74. Eric Edelstein - Eric is still on an Adrenallllllin RUSH after his 1st Talk @ Toastmasters last night
  75. Marius Cloete - Pavatile.co.za
  76. Glen Verran - studio at thezashow dot com
  77. Adin van Ryneveld - The Plus Two Seven Ubuntu Initiative
  78. Storm Buckingham
  79. John Fearon
  80. Julian Gordon - Jewish Shaman Geek
  81. Lyn de la Motte - Illustrator, artist and shaman
  82. Joe Frog SwimGeek
  83. Ernst Kuschke - techno-guru dotnet.org.za/ernst
  84. Bryn Divey
  85. Malan - I'm Foxinni  - NE
  86. Rowan Polovin - MyVideo
  87. Tristan Owen - MyVideo
  88. Mike Salzwedel - MyVideo
  89. Lauren Cohen
  2. Jeremy Thurgood firxen gmail com (fill in the dots...) -- In what is becoming a depressingly regular turn of events, something with higher priority has come up. :-/
  3. Keith Waters - keith /at/ waters /dot/ coza - one day I'll actually make it!




Someone left a pair of light shades at the last 27 Dinner. Contact henk at skyrove dot com if you'd like to get them back!




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