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27-25 Cape Town 27 June 2008


To edit this page, the password is "techbum"


This is an "open-source eventing" initiative, done in the interests of industry development. The organisers are involved in the industry, but volunteer their efforts. Any sponsorship goes straight to the audience in attendance!




Free! (You only pay for the food that you order)




  • 27 Dinner Cape Town Planning Committee - we orkanize!
  • Stormhoek - will provide a limited amount of wine to get everyone going :-)
  • Big Cheeze Cake - will provide a yummy cupcake for each attendee.
  • springleap.com - TWO Tshirts for April 27 as we couldn't work out what the comp should be in Feb....and I have to admit - I LEFT THE TSHIRT @ HOME!!!
  • Huddlemind - providing our AV equipment
  • Skyrove - sponsoring vouchers to use at The Wild Fig hotspot
  • Blue Catalyst - Brian Carl Brown buying EVERYONE dessert, save some room!




The Wild Fig:


What a super venue, and the owner is a geek!


If you'd like to support 27 Dinner Cape Town, please contact Dave Duarte: info@daveduarte.co.za




Thanks to Eish for blogging about the sudden disappearance of the page and for Marco providing a link to an earlier revision of the page, I thought I'd go in and fix. Hope you don't mind Dave. - Glen




Marcel Oudejans : Corporate Magician & Infotainer

A brief presentation of Marcel's unique perspective of magic & marketing, adding the "Wow!" to your marketing mix & how to get your guests & clients to talk about your events long after the party is over.


Following the other speakers, Marcel will present his internationally-acclaimed intimate & interactive strolling entertainment . Stick around & see why Marcel is requested to attend corporate events world-wide. (Oh, & if you bring a fork or a spoon, he'll do something awesome to it!)


Find out more about Marcel on http://www.corporatemagician.co.za


Rafiq Phillips


Mainly about the United for Africa but am open to other suggestions make them right here ==>


Brian Carl Brown - VERY BRIEF talk about assisting innovators achieving their dreams, say five minutes at most... not a "commercial" Blue Catalyst 




18h30 for 19h00








50 interesting people:


(Note: it helps to put your name and email address so people can see who's coming and get in contact before-hand if necessary)


  1. Dave Duarte
  2. Pam Sykes pam@pamsykes.com
  3. Tanya Odendaal tanya@grandstandmanagement.com
  4. Henré Rossouw henre@winecountry.co.za 
  5. Darren Ravens
  6. Nathan Ravens
  7. Robynn Burls - Encyclomedia
  8. Scott Hayes - Encyclomedia
  9. Jo Duxbury - Freelancentral
  10. Jean Dennis - jean.dennis@fd.com
  11. Vanessa Clark - vanessa@twokats.com
  12. Daniel Aufrichtig - Shake Interactive
  13. Catherine Lückhoff - www.mango-omc.com
  14. Beverley Merriman - bev@feistyfemale.com
  15. Leonie Mollentze - leonie@bigcheeze.co.za
  16. Kerry-Anne Gilowey - August Sun Projects
  17. Paul Gilowey - Cape Town Daily Photo
  18. Glen Verran - The ZA Show Podcast
  19. Niki McQueen - teh_wikidknickers
  20. Mustapha Baboo - Epic Digital
  21. Luther Diedericks-www.sabusinesshub.co.za
  22. Brian Carl Brown - www.bluecatalyst.co.za brian at bcat dot co dot za - BLUE CATALYST assists innovative entrepreneurs with access to expertise, funding and markets at no charge! Sign up on our site (no charge). Please submit your ideas to us for assistance!
  23. Doug Vining - www.bluecatalyst.co.za - BLUE CATALYST assists innovative entrepreneurs with access to expertise, funding and markets at no charge! Sign up on our site (no charge). Please submit your ideas to us for assistance!
  24. Jamaaludeen Khan - Jayz Internet Solutions
  25. Jonathan Dyer - dyerjono@gmail.com
  26. Jan Boshoff Traffic Brand
  27. Mandy Schreiber Traffic Brand 
  28. Zayne Upton - White Wall Web
  29. Tania de Kock - tania@chameleoncoatings.co.za
  30. Tim Shier

  31. Christopher Swart - Rudevco
  32. Lynne Hofmeyr
  33. Johan Grobler, copywriter, johanemersongrobler@cybersmart.co.za
  34. Roy Godfrey AKA Eishman Eish!!
  35. Arthur van Zyl - arthur@bluorb.co.za
  36. Charl Norman - www.charlnorman.com
  37. Joey da Silva - www.formfunction.co.za
  38. Christine da Silva - christine @ altersage.com
  39. JP van der Spuy - www.mytrade.co.za and www.interactivevision.co.za
  40. Devonne Burger - www.mytrade.co.za
  41. Allen Jaffe R.O.I Media
  42. Adam Lotz R.O.I Media
  43. Jayx Mustard (kicking and screaming)
  44. Luke Hardiman - newrelease.co.za
  45. Brandon Golding
  46. Tanya Nockler-Golding
  47. Stephan Lamprecht www.venturesolutions.co.za
  48. Clare Williams - clare.williams@fd.com
  49. Ramon Thomas (NETucation) - never attended a Cape Town 27Dinner yet so I'm going to work around this date
  50. Shawn Jooste - eliteblogger.net


(Formatting edited as part of my mission to save the world from evil. Hope I didn't kill anyone in the process. -- Tania.)


NB: List closes at 50 people, take your name off if you can't make it PLEASE!


Reserve List:


  1. Nadia Padayachi - nadia@newmediapub.co.za
  2. Dominique van Onselen - Dominique@corporateimage.co.za
  3. Stii Pretorius
  4. Jason Bagley** - www.jasonbagley.com (Gotta make my name bold and underline like Charl.)
  5. Yasser Buchana - lilji25@gmail.com
  6. Allan Kent
  7. Wendy Robb
  8. Lesley Clayton
  9. Andre Rademan - www.bizcommunity.com 
  10. Charl Hoffman - www.redbuttonmail.com
  11. Dave Mackay - david dot mackay 1 at gmail dot com
  12. James Dawson - dawsonanywhere at hotmail dot com
  13. Bridgitte Verran - pregnant and all - The ZA Show Podcast





  1. Louise Bowley - a work commitment came up on that date- I will seriously make the next one - so looking forward to it!
  2. #No apologies, I'm 4th on the list and this time it will take some kicking and screaming to get me off it! Be warned :-)
  3. Tania - ProjectManagement.co.za (decided to run away from home)



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