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27-9 Cape Town 27 August 2007


To Edit this page, the password is "techbum"


This is pretty-much an "open-source eventing" initiative, done in the interests of industry development.

The organisers are involved in the industry, but volunteer their efforts.

Any sponsorship goes straight to the audience in attendance.


More info: http://27dinner.pbwiki.com/





(You only pay for the food that you order)

Question from Tania: Is ordering food compulsory, and is there a minumum order? I want to ensure that I don't misunderstand "free" again and inadvertently end up causing others to suffer because of it...





  • Cerebra - we orkanize!
  • Stormhoek - will provide a limited amount of wine to get everyone going :-)
  • Lingham Capital Making an investment in desserts.
  • Missing Link - Video
  • Zoopy.com - Sponsoring 2 Sony DVD cameras and 3 Apple Video Ipod's for 27dinner video and picture contributions.

    Also, see the 27dinner channel (videos and photos) on Zoopy

  • Ikineo - Making sure that speakers don't have to pay for their own dinner :-D
  • Charly's Bakery - Providing all attendees with a bit of chocolate goodness, gift wrapped to take home after the event.
  • eSquared Fashion - Tshirt Prize from the funky clothing store @ 11 Regent Road, Sea Point.


If you'd like to support 27dinner, please contact Dave Duarte: dave@cerebra.co.za




Cape Town Hotel school restaurant, Beach road, Mouille point

About the hotel school: http://active.cput.ac.za/ahsa/public/index.asp?pageid=436

Sexy Marketing Page: http://www.showcook.com/Hotel%20School.htm

It's next door door to the Radisson hotel, which is next door to the Waterfront.




18h30 for 19h00




100 interesting people:

(Note: it helps to put your name and email address so people can see who's coming and get in contact before-hand if necessary)


  1. Jacques
  2. Richard Parry
  3. Malan Joubert - Foxinni.com
  4. Dave Duarte dave@cerebra.co.za
  5. Enver Ravat eravat2@gmail.com
  6. Jason Kasuto jaone1@gmail.com
  7. Yasser Buchana yasser AT intern DOT co DOT za
  8. Ernst Kuschke
  9. Chris Rawlinson chris@stormhoek.co.za
  10. Jason jason at zoopy dot com
  11. Gerry gerry at zoopy dot com
  12. Pat pat at zoopy dot com
  13. Jackie Ellse
  14. Brett Reid
  15. Mike De Bruin
  16. Donald Jackson
  17. Catherine Luckhoff MANGO-OMC dot COM
  18. Shelly Levin
  19. Gavin Levin
  20. Eric Edelstein - Who needs DESSERT when we have interesting questions from the panel to look forward to?
  21. DaviD Jacobs - aka Digin
  22. Mitchell Geere
  23. Join-Leigh Doran
  24. Jenna Bloch jenna dot daniel at gmail dot com
  25. Nikki Friedman
  26. Beverley Merriman (bev at ripplepro dot co dot za)
  27. Dirk Tolken - PERONii Solutions - PS I might need a lift ;-)
  28. Tammy Lotz - Realmdigital
  29. Wesley Lynch - Realmdigital
  30. Andrew Rens - Intellectual Property Fellow, The Shuttleworth Foundation
  31. Craig Wilson
  32. Bernadette Gordon
  33. Maximillian Kaizen
  34. John Murray - Blogafrikaans.co.za
  35. Tania
  36. Simon Botes - SharEpay - founder at sharepay dot co dot za
  37. Ingrid Botes
  38. Marius Cloete - Pavatile.co.za
  39. Brendt Brooks - Blueworld
  40. Charl Norman - Blueworld
  41. Michael Wiles
  42. Johann Schwella johann (at) shapeshift (dot) co (dot) za
  43. Heinrich Schwella heinrich (at) dwp (dot) co (dot) za
  44. Uno De Waal
  45. Ricky Van Der Walt ricky (at) shapeshift (dot) co (dot) za
  46. Christine da Silva christine at altersage dot com
  47. Storm Hugo storm at altersage dot com
  48. Joey da Silva joey at formfunction dot co dot za (No longer speaking - wait for the press campaign ;)
  49. Trevor Kinnear trevor at moodia dot co dot za
  50. The Digital Pilgrim (now leave me down here Mr Duarte... maybe I'll get dessert this time! ;)
  51. David Kirk david dot kirk aht twentythirdfloor.co.za
  52. Miguel dos Santos - md at idrive dot co dot za
  53. Patrick Gibson www.precisionnetworks.co.za
  54. Joanne Simon (joanne@precisionnetworks.co.za)
  55. Andrew Smit
  56. Natalie Jean Earle (The Children's Hospital Trust) nearle@ich.uct.ac.za
  57. Stu Hoy - www.integer.co.za
  58. Michaela Goodes - michaelle@8inkmedia.com
  59. Francois Irvine - Visual Artist
  60. Heather Thompson
  61. Jonathan Thompson
  62. Mike Perk - www.worldwidecreative.co.uk
  63. Fred Roed - www.worldwidecreative.co.uk
  64. Nicola - www.worldwidecreative.co.uk
  65. Joshin Raghubar joshin at ikineo dot com
  66. Anton Raimondo - anton17sa@yahoo.co.uk
  67. Linda Brown www.liquidlimestudios.com
  68. Chris du Toit - cdutoit at gmail dot com
  69. Ian Gilfillan
  70. Anthony Faull
  71. Abdul Hadi Fakier afakier@uwc.ac.za
  72. Glynn Venter - FCB
  73. Roy Godfrey - Eish!! eishblog at gmail dot com
  74. Melody Kerchhoff - mel at gypsybytes dot co dot za
  75. Nicholas Hall - nickhallsa at gmail dot com
  76. Stefano Sessa
  77. Rentia Venter rentia.venter@gsec.co.za
  78. Jo Duxbury - jo at freelancentral.co.za
  79. Isabel Meyer isabel at ikineo.dot.com
  80. phil.rado@iname.com
  81. Storm Buckingham
  82. David McLennan 416.dave @ gmail dot com
  83. Paul Cartmel - paul@silverminute.com
  84. Shawn Jooste
  85. Carlos Menezes - Quirk
  86. Claire McGuinness - Quirk
  87. Tim - Quirk
  88. Tristan Owen - MyVideo
  89. Rowan Polovin - MyVideo
  90. Michael Salzwedel - MyVideo
  91. Lauren Cohen - Sunday Times
  92. Richard Craib - richardcraib [at] gmail.com
  93. Leza du Toit - leza.dutoit [at] gmail.com
  94. Ryan F. Mettler
  95. Rafiq Phillips - i'd have to be dead not to be there this time, nothings going to stop me!
  96. Paul Gilowey - paul.gilowey+27 at gmail.com
  97. Kerry-Anne Gilowey - kerryanne at augustsun.co.za
  98. Marius Bock - marius at henriska dot co dot za
  99. Shaun O'Connell - ndorfin at the gmail of com
  100. Mark Horner fhsst.org / chpc.ac.za
  101. Dirk Visser - dirk at dendrite dot co dot za
  102. Abraham Van Der Merve - abz at frogfoot dot net
  103. Rowan Jacklin - rowanjacklin at gmail.com
  104. Marsh Middleton marsh dot middleton at gmail dot com
  105. Marie Du Plessis
  106. Ronelle Bester at redribbon
  107. Deirdre van Zyl Smit at redribbon
  108. René van der Westhuizen - www.viridian.co.za - Coming to meet the SEO experts!
  109. Tony Seifart - tony @ webexposure . co . za




1. Elaine Rumboll (Just realised I had to do the Business acumen for Artists programme on that night but have sent a friend in my place)- erumboll@gsb.uct.ac.za






Someone left a pair of light shades at the last 27 Dinner. Contact henk at skyrove dot com if you'd like to get them back!





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