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27-4 Cape Town 27th April 2007


Password to edit this page is: 'techbum'





This is pretty-much an "open-source eventing" initiative, done in the interests of industry development.

The organisers are involved in the industry, but volunteer their efforts.

Any sponsorship goes straight to the audience in attendance.




Stormhoek - will provide a limited amount of wine to get everyone going :-)



Cape Town Hotel school restaurant, Beach road, Mouille point

About the hotel school: http://active.cput.ac.za/ahsa/public/index.asp?pageid=436

Sexy Marketing Page: http://www.showcook.co.za/Hotel%20School.htm


It's next door door to the Radisson hotel, which is next door to the Waterfront




18h30 for 19h00




100 interesting people:


Add your name to this list if you're coming, take it off if you can't make it. If you have any issues editing the wiki, then you can email Dave.


  1. Graham Knox graham at stormhoek dot coza > will say a word or two, and provide wine for all :)
  2. Mike Scott - mike at bruandboegie coza > sharing some ideas, fun and creativity
  3. Glen Verran - Coming to you live and loud from Cape Town - studio at thezashow dot com > giving a talk
  4. Ian Gilfillan - 27dinner at greenman dot coza > Keynoting!
  5. **Dave Duarte ****dave at cerebra dot coza > mc-ing 
  6. Mike Stopforth mike at cerebra dot coza
  7. Peter Hart-Davis peterhd at gargoyle dot coza
  8. Stefano Sessa stefanodotsessaatclickatelldotcom
  9. Nikki Friedman nikki dot friedman at gmail dot com
  10. Shelly Levin shellylevin at trafficsynergy dot com
  11. Neil Blakey-Milner nbm at nxsy dot org
  12. Jeremy Thurgood firxen gmail com (I'm pretty sure you're smart enough to add the punctuation...)
  13. Donna Stephen donna at urge dot co dot za
  14. Jonathan Hitchcock jonathan.hitchcock at gee-male
  15. Tertia Albertyn tertiaa at gmail dot com
  16. Shane Wilson admin at stormhoek dot co dot za
  17. Bryn Divey bryn at bryndivey dot co dot za
  18. Chris Rawlinson chrisraw at gmail dot com
  19. Rafiq Phillips rp at idrive dot co dot za
  20. Brendon Shaw thecrusa at gmail dot com
  21. Miguel dos Santos md at idrive dot co dot za
  22. Yasser Buchanayasser at intern dot co dot za
  23. Gavin Levin gavinlevin at trafficsynergy dot com
  24. Alan Levin alan at vanilla dot co dot za
  25. Henk Kleynhans
  26. Jacques Marneweck jacques plus 27dinner at powertrip.co.za
  27. Andrew Smith - thebrain at ideate .co. za
  28. Fred Roed - rodrigues at ideate .co. za
  29. Mike Perk - miguelsantacruz at the heavy chef .com
  30. Andrew Smit - andsmit at gmail dot com
  31. Tania (Fixed some of the formatting scrambles in this page, but not all)
  32. John Murray - jmurray dot za at gmail dot com
  33. Michael Harris
  34. Roelof Fuls
  35. Sarah Aitken - sarahaitken at gmail dot com
  36. Glen Adams - glen dot adams at gmail dot com
  37. Carly Ritz- carlyritz at gmail dot com
  38. Ceri Sawyer- ceri dot sawyer at gmail dot com
  39. Sarah Manners - sarah at quirk dot biz
  40. Arthur van Zyl - arthur dot vanzyl at clickatell dot com
  41. Maximillian Kaizen - LOL!! almost forgot to put myself on the list ..this one's gonna be a goodie :-D
  42. Joshin Raghubar - joshin at ikineo dot com
  43. Nick Coyne - nick at glasshouse dot coza
  44. Marius Bock - marius at henriska dot co dot za
  45. Victoire Albany - victoire at chilibean dot co dot za
  46. Nico Olwagen - aquilaonline at webmail dot co dot za
  47. Christine da Silva - christine at altersage dot com
  48. Joey da Silva - joey at formfunction dot co dot za
  49. Uno 1337z0r De Waal. How about a thing that you have to submit your RSS feed... sep'rate them thar weak knees from the pirates. ahr. And then, you have to resubmit your name on the 26th, and if you don't then you forfeit your chance for blogger booty.
  50. Joe Frog
  51. Clinton Arnot - clinton at proteahotels dot com
  52. Martin Hattingh
  53. Rouvanne - rouvanne at peakperformances dot co dot za
  54. Richard Parry - rajparry at gmail dot com
  55. Helmar Rudolph mail klammeraffe helmar punkt org ;)
  56. Lara Marais- lara at templewines dot co dot za
  57. Bian Heydenrych - brian at liquidlimestudios dot com
  58. Alistair Hill - Alistair at liquidlimestudios dot com
  59. Donna McCallum - donna at fairygodmotherinc dot com
  60. Tereza Correia - tereza at bluesouth dot co dot za
  61. Blake Willingale - blake at yolk dot co dot za
  62. Karen Gaylard - karen at bluesouth dot com
  63. David Steven-Jennings - david @ bluesouth dot com
  64. Steyn Strauss - Die SkaatsCast: Lukraak uit 'n Christelike Oogpunt - skaatscast at gmail dot com
  65. Ben van der Merwe - Die SkaatsCast: Lukraak uit 'n Christelike Oogpunt - skaatscast at gmail dot com
  66. Russell Cloran - russell@rucus.net
  67. Andrew Bayley - andrew at gottaquirk dot com
  68. Alan Alston - alan at dynamo.co.za
  69. Jaco Engelbrecht - bje at serendipity dot org dot za
  70. Malan Joubert a.k.a Foxinni - Monkeysfist.co.za - Capetownblog.co.za
  71. Charl Norman - Zoopedup, Carblog, BandwidthBlog
  72. Heidi Edelmuller - heidiatquirkdotbiz
  73. Wilter Du Toit - wilteratyeigodotcom
  74. Rapelang Rabana - rapelangatyeigodotcom
  75. Andrea Razzano - andrea@jghinternet.co.za
  76. Patrick Gibson - patrickg@precisionnetworks.co.za http://www.precisionnetworks.blogspot.com
  77. Joanne Simon- Joanne@precisionnetworks.co.za
  78. Paul Weingartz - www.webaholic.co.za
  79. Nicola - http://perk-family.blogspot.com
  80. Mervyn Christoffels - mchristoffels1@yahoo.com
  81. Janice Buckley - themusoatthemusodotcoza
  82. andrew brauteseth - andrew.brauteseth.at.gmail.dot.com
  83. John Blake -john@hyperionsa.com


Can't Make it:


  • Aubrey Kilian - Back on the list or not?
  • Attendance is free and it's up to you what you choose to eat - no set menu:) and the wine is free (Thanks Stormhoek). For the record > the venue isn't expensive either.
  • Eric - Not going to call you names Dave as you've made it on a Friday night so I can't attend - understand the 27th of every month....blah....blah...blah - but hopefully meet all of you at the Open Coffee Club's first meet up at Extreme Hotel (if you haven't been there - ask me for the tour!!) @ 6pm this Thursday (19th April)




Someone left a pair of light shades at the last 27 Dinner. Contact henk at skyrove dot com if you'd like to get them back!



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