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on February 27, 2007 at 11:17:42 am

27-2 Cape Town 27th February 2007





Not from Cape Town? No need to Travel as it is oversubscribed already :).





Relish http://www.relish.co.za/

Richard the owner of Relish heard about the 27 Dinner concept and asked whether he could offer his gorgeous venue for the event. It's central, seats 80 people, and they are happy to accommodate our AV equipment and dedicate all the staff we need.

Check out a review on this restaurant @ Restaurants Reviewed





18h30 for 19h00





Limited to 80 jeeks




Add your name to this list if you're coming, take it off if you can't make it. If you have any issues editing the wiki, then you can email Dave.


  1. Rafiq Phillips rp at idrive dot coza ***tweaking***
  2. Graham Knox graham at stormhoek dot coza ***speaking***
  3. Guy Lundy guy at guylundy dot com ***speaking***
  4. Verity Verity at iamverity dot com ***speaking***
  5. Mike Stopforth mike at cerebra dot coza ***MC* *leaking***
  6. Shelly Levin shellylevin at trafficsynergy dot com ***speaking***
  7. Maximillian Kaizen max at maxkaizen dot com
  8. Tertia Albertyn tertiaa at gmail dot com
  9. Tania
  10. Miguel dos Santos md at idrive dot coza
  11. Andrew Smit andsmit at gmail dot com
  12. Rushdeen Rose info at lavaink dot coza
  13. Uno de Waal mail at unodw dot coza
  14. Stefano Sessa  stefano.sessa at clickatell dot com
  15. Pat Gibson patrickg at precisionnetworks dot coza
  16. Dave Duarte dave at cerebra dot coza
  17. Leon Jacobs leon_jacobs at saatchi dot coza
  18. Jacques jacques plus 27dinner at powertrip dot co dot za
  19. Yasser Buchana  yasser@intern.co.za lilji25@intern.co.za
  20. Guy Taylor guy dot taylor at gmail dot com (Depending on whether I'm still down there - Special arrangements have been made, I'll be there)
  21. Glen Verran studio at thezashow dot com
  22. Greg Gilo greg at bushfiredesign dot com
  23. Nick Coyne nick at glasshouse dot coza
  24. Candace Gilowey cgilowey at levi dot com
  25. Stii stii at stii dot za dot net (Roadtrippin' back at ya...)
  26. Nomfundo nomfundo at gmail dot com
  27. Joe why list your email here anyway? you are all sheep meeh! :-P
  28. Sarah Aitken saraha at quirk dot biz
  29. Andrew Bayley andrew at quirk dot biz
  30. Paulina Potocki paulina at quirk dot biz
  31. Jonathan Endersby arbitraryuser at the google place
  32. Richard Parry rajparry at gmail dot com
  33. Sarah Manners sarah at quirk dot biz
  34. Alan Cameron
  35. Rob Stokes rob at quirk dot biz
  36. Heidi Edelmuller heidi at quirk dot biz
  37. Bryan Porter bryan.porter at sa dot 24 dot com
  38. Mandisa Motha Ngumla ngumlam at saportops dot coza
  39. Mandisa's partner
  40. Sophia Mouton soph at quirk dot biz
  41. John Kotsaftis JKotsaftis at mihinternet dot com
  42. Nicole Canning
  43. Nicole Botes
  44. Andre Rademan andre at bizcommunity dot com
  45. Gavin Levin gavinlevin at trafficsynergy dot com
  46. Chris Rawlinson chrisraw at gmail dot com
  47. Jan Folmer justvocabulary at gmail dot com
  48. Nikki Friedman nikki dot friedman at gmail dot com
  49. Adeeba Adams
  50. Ceri Sawyer ceri.sawyer at gmail dot com
  51. David McLennan 416 dot dave at gmail dot com
  52. Angus Robinson angusrobinson at the google mail
  53. John McCullough jrokit at gmail dot com
  54. Saleem Jaffer saleem06 at gmail dot com
  55. Uthman Quick manny14 at gmail dot com
  56. Gavin Dale gavich at quirk dot biz
  57. Carlos Menezes carlos at quirk dot biz
  58. Neil Blakey-Milner nbm at nxsy dot org
  59. Deon Pretorius deon at geckotec dot co.za
  60. Brendon Shaw thecrusa at gmail dot com
  61. Allister Kreft allister at skyrove dot com
  62. Alan Sherratt alan at trafficonline dot co dot za
  63. Michael Harris themuso at themuso dot co dot za
  64. Stuart Kantor
  65. Ian Gilfillan 27dinner at greenman dot coza
  66. Adrian Woodhead adrian dot woodhead at gmail dot com
  67. Ashley Shaw lightspeeddevelopment at gmail dot com
  68. Mignon Lotz-Keyser mignon at peerpower dot co dot za
  69. Aubrey Kilian baaaa-a-a-a-a-a-ah. bug at reaper dotttttt org
  70. Gerry Roozendal active at infoactive dot coza
  71. Bryn Divey bryn at bryndivey dot co dot za
  72. Rapelang Rabana Rapelang at cedux dot co dot za
  73. Stuart Clark
  74. Donna Stephen donna at urge dot co dot za
  75. Lorynne McGurk lorynne at strictlyblonde dot com
  76. Alvin Chang alvin dot chang at gmail dot com
  77. Henk Kleynhans 43% GEEK
  78. Melody Kerchhoff (bumped upward by Jeremy, who is sick.)
  79. Jonathan Hitchcock jonathan.hitchcock at gmail (bumped upward as Peterhd wont be making it)



  • Registrations closed at 80 people - please remove your name if you can't come so that we may accept others.


The Waiting List

People on the waiting list get slots as places become available in from the first 80 bookings



  1. Lungisa Matshoba Lungisa at cedux dot co dot za
  2. Wilter du Toit Wilter at cedux dot co dot za
  3. Craig Raw craig at quirk dot biz
  4. Adam Green adam dot green at mygino dot co dot za
  5. Kevin Tucker kevin at pricecheck dot co dot za
  6. Russell Cloran russell@rucus.net
  7. Steyn Strauss Die Avonture van Skaats de Wet Podcast, aka SkaatsCast - steyn dot strauss at gmail dot com
  8. Ben van der Merwe Die Avonture van Skaats de Wet Podcast, aka SkaatsCast - bennusan at gmail dot com
  9. Nicholas Hall
  10. Alan Levin alan at vanilla.co.za 43.9% geek
  11. Anton Raimondo anton17sa at yahoo dot co dot uk
  12. Mustapha Baboo 



Removed themself from the list


Peter Hart-Davis peterhd at gargoyle co za  - unfortunately its my birthday and my wife has read me the riot act.  Ill be there next time for sure.



Previous Dinners in Cape Town, before renaming to 27

Summer in Cape Town


Bloggers Geekdinner




None yet...



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