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27-8 Durban 27th July 2007

27 is a get together, held on the 27th day of each month for geeks, marketers, entrepreneurs, writers, media practitioners, speakers - well, just about anybody who is keen - to share ideas and news and opinions over food and drink with. 27 is open to anyone who wants to attend (and/or contribute)




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Ciao Itallia Resturant - Westville (may I say EXCELLENT food, good choice)

Old Mulitchoice Centre, Westville Road.


GPS: 29°50'11.62"S 30°55'2.17"E - Map


mail me if you would like directions -> marcforrest at gmail dot com




27 July 2007








Marc Forrest Durbs organizer!

Cerebra - (sort of...)

Stormhoek - will provide a limited amount of wine to get everyone going :-)

eSquared Fashion - a couple of T-shirts for a lucky few :)

storm telecom - some sweeties & keyrings for all ;)

Jobs, Careers, and Salaries - Geek Jobs for us all.

Any other sponsorship is welcome, contact dave@cerebra.co.za to arrange.





Limited to 30 geeks due to space constraints of the venue.


Add your name to this list if you're coming, take it off if you can't make it. If you have any issues editing the wiki, then you can email Dave (the guy at the top of the list).


  1. Dave Duarte dave at cerebra dot co dot za - MC Dude
  2. Anice Hassim: ahassim at mac dot com - SPEAKER
  3. Michael Chadbourne: mike at mikesdesk dot za dot net - SPEAKER
  4. Graham Knox - Stormhoek - SPEAKER
  5. Edich de Lange aka Edd edd at edd decimal za decimal net
  6. Marc Forrest marcforrestatgmaildotcom
  7. Warwick Bruce Chapman warwick at thusa dotcoza
  8. Colin Alston colin at thusa dotcoza
  9. Khalid Suleman ruslandbnat yahoodotcom
  10. Johan Kohler name dot surname at gmail dotcom
  11. Tristan Coetzee coetzeetg at hotmail dot com
  12. Carol Barraclough carol dot barraclough atgmaildotcom
  13. Linda Algie linda dot algie atgmaildotcom
  14. Peter Wiles: peter dot wiles at yahoo dot com
  15. Terry Groves - terryg@dbn.lia.net
  16. Sue Groves - terryg@dbn.lia.net
  17. Bruce Groves - grovo@xsinet.co.za
  18. Esmay Groves - grovo@xsinet.co.za
  19. Sean Preston sean at crypto dot co dot za
  20. Halima Hoosen-Preston halima at crypto dot co dot za
  21. William Kinghorn williamk at dut dot ac dot za
  22. Damian Gonsalves - damian at agrista dot com
  23. Craig A. Adams - craigaa at openoffice dot org
  24. Maureen Wilton - maureen at wilton dot co dot za
  25. Simon Hoffe - sjhoffe atgmaildotcom


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