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27-3 (March 2007 Jozi)

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 1 month ago

27-3 Jozi 27th March 2007



The Password to edit this page is techbum



Primi Melrose Arch



18h30 for 19h00



Limited to 100 jeeks


Add your name to this list if you're coming, take it off if you can't make it. If you have any issues editing the wiki, then you can email Dave (the guy at the top of the list).


  1. Dave Duarte dave at cerebra dot coza
  2. Mike Stopforth mike at cerebra dot coza
  3. Carl Spies carl at cerebra dot coza
  4. Angus Robinson angusrobinson at gmail dot com
  5. Die Skot iarescott at the gmail dot com speaking - "Social media challenges within a large corporate" (or something similar)
  6. Carly Ritz ritzc at sundaytimes dot coza (does anyone else find it humourous that Carly's email address reads as 'ritzy'?) - I didn't even notice that :P
  7. Gregor Rohrig rohrigg at sundaytimes dot coza
  8. Hilton Tarrant hilton at thenewnewmedia dot com
  9. Simone Puterman simone at bizcommunity dot com (Senior Sub-editor)
  10. Simone's partner Lionel Tomasek
  11. Ray Hartley hartleyr at sundaytimes dot coza
  12. Grant Sidwell grant dot sidwell at gmail dot com (all the way from London)
  13. Ramon Thomas ramon at ramonthomas.com (NETucation)
  14. Aasiya Salauddin Ahmod aasiya@sagepastel.com / thisaasiya@gmail.com
  15. Donna McCallum donna at fairygodmotherinc dot com
  16. Nic Haralambous nharalambous@gmail.com (SA Rocks) speaking - "Why SA Rocks rocks with SA"
  17. Steven Haw (sunday times)
  18. Justin Hartman me at justinhartman dot com (this time I won't cancel at the last minute)
  19. Victoire Albany victoire at chilibean dot coza
  20. Paul Jacobson paul at chilibean dot coza
  21. Nico Olwagen aquilaonline at webmail dot coza
  22. Shaun Dewberry shaun at dewberry dot coza (and 52weeks)
  23. Nausher Rahman nausher at vwv dot com
  24. Vincent Maher vincent at vincentmaher.com {Mail && Guardian}
  25. Daniella (+nugget) Maher daniella at cambrient.com
  26. Wez - chumpstyle at gmail dot com
  27. Deshanta Naidoo - deshanta at gmail dot com
  28. Deshanta's partner
  29. Susann Deysel - susann dot deysel at gmail dot com
  30. Noto Modungwa - noto at ardentsolutions dot shi-ohh dot shatt-aye
  31. Ketna Girdherlal
  32. Jaxon Rice jaxon @ jaxonrice.com {za.tv}
  33. Andy Hadfield andyhsa at gmail dot com
  34. SA DOC (maybe)
  35. Warren Bell - warren at obsidian dot co dot za
  36. Angelique Cushway - acushway at gmail dot com
  37. Jarred Cinman -- jarred by cambrient dot com
  38. Cherryl Duncan (if Jarred can convince her to hang out with geeks for the evening)
  39. Rory rory at sharp dot fm {MultiChoice}
  40. Tyler Reed tyler at studentsale.co.za (Student Sale)
  41. Tyler's accomplice
  42. Andr√© SC andre@pixelplexus.co.za ForgeBusiness
  43. Yusuf Mahomedy worksuck at worksucks dot co.za
  44. Yusuf's partner
  45. Adrian Kirsten - traaidmark at gmail dot com (Might be a bit late... Coming from pretoria! + me and directions are bad company...)
  46. Adrian's Partner
  47. Andre Ellis - andre at uberellis dot com
  48. Peas On Toast +
  49. partner whose arm I shalt twist peasontoast@gmail.com
  50. Craig - craig at emergingmedia dot co dot za
  51. Danie Roux - danie dot roux at acolyte dot co dot za speaking
  52. Aiden Choles aiden at aidencholes dot com
  53. Chris Dawson chrisd at wson dot xhosa
  54. The Don don at themuso dont co dot za
  55. The Don's lucky partner
  56. Alexia Walker - alexia at whatsphat dot com
  57. Neil de La Harpe - neil at republic dot co dot za
  58. Luke Wesson
  59. Emma Fitzgerald EmmaF at nedbank dot coza
  60. Daniela Faris daniela - icommons fullstop org
  61. Dominic White singe - rucus fullstop net speaking - "Privacy and Security on the Web 2.0"
  62. Heather Ford - heather at icommons fullstop org speaking
  63. Kerryn McKay - kerryn fullstop mckay at gmail fullstop com
  64. David Chislett - david at dcpm dot co dot za
  65. Cathy Jenks - cathyj at cybermart dot co dotza
  66. Courtenay Farquharson - courtenay.farquharson at gmail dot com
  67. Elaine Clarke - claelaine at gmail dot com
  68. Simon Hudson - simon at rsnhq dot com
  69. Wesleigh Lloyd - wesleigh at gmail dot com
  70. Graham Knox
  71. Andre Odendaal - aodendaal at gmail dot com
  72. Clayton Swanepoel
  73. Zani Barrish - zanibarrish at gmail dot com
  74. Theuns vd Merwe - tvdmerwe at publicis dot co dot za
  75. Grant Davison - aris_gd@hotmail.com
  76. Clive Lotter - http://trig.com/citizenc
  77. Adele Lotter http://trig.com/citizenc
  78. Steve Whitford - stephen underscore whitford at yahoo dot co dot uk
  79. Derek Abdinor - derek at graphicor dot co dot za
  80. Ryan Enslin - ryan.enslin@one29.co.za
  81. DaveRich - davidriche2001@gmail.com
  82. Philip Anderson - philip(dot)john(dot)anderson(at)gmail(dot)com
  83. Antoinette Barnardo - antoinette(dot)barnardo(at)gmail(dot)com
  84. Sifiso Motha -sifiso(dot)motha(at)gmail(dot)com
  85. David Reid - david at crmsystems dot co dot za
  86. Andrew Glanville - andrew at fury dot org dot za
  87. Mike Solomon - mikegsolomon at gmail dot com
  88. Mike Solomons Partner
  89. Matthew Buckland -- Mail & Guardian Online matthewbuckland [at]gmail[dot]com
  90. Eldridge Le Kay - lekaye at johncom dot co dot za
  91. Erik de Jager erik at thresholdcollective dot com
  92. Dale - chumpstyle @ gmail.com
  93. Gavin Symanowitz - gavs at iafrica dot com
  94. Christof Appel
  95. Daedalus - POlwage @ fnb.co.za
  96. Kelvin Jonck - OfferForge
  97. Rich Mulholland
  98. D'ave or D'on
  99. Eric Edelstein - although Eric at the last minute has just booked a plane ticket from Cape Town, & didn't check the list so i guess he'll be serving drinks at the bar, as there are already 100 people on the list
  100. Meira Puterman (guess whose sister?)
  101. James Dey - james at mygus dot com - hoping 6 people will cancel so he can come or will join Eric serving drinks at the bar
  102. Kerri White - kerriw at mweb dot co dot za - James's sidekick
  103. Justin Drennan - sales at wantitall.co.za
  104. Adi Zuk - adizuk at gmail.com
  105. Dyl - chump-style.com
  106. Mike - chump-style.com
  107. Claire Criticos
  108. Michelle Dos Santos
  109. Tony Lopes - tony at hotcopy.co.za







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