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27-22 Jozi 27th March 2008






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Primi Melrose Arch

(Where are we at re AV equipment, do we need to organise?)

Blue Catalyst can supply a PA system with microphones and a projector


Hey guys, is the venua still Primi Melrose Arch for this dinner? 27 March 2008. SimonB

- Yup, thats where I'll be going so let's hope it's still Primi!





18h30 for 19h00








springleap - Mike, I'll bring a Tshirt for you to give out on the night as a spot prize



Any other sponsorship is welcome, contact mike@cerebra.co.za to arrange.





Tentative speaker program, subject to whims of the audience, speakers, the MC and of course Eskom.

  19:00 Intro by MC
1 19:05 - 19:25

Graham Knox - Stormhoek 'Own a vine : Save a Job'

Thousands of South Africans have been hurt by the collapse of Orbital Wines in the UK. Stormhoek fights back. Graham will give us an update on the growth of the fund, activity, pictures of vines with names, even some with investors

  19:25 - 19:35 Break 10mins

19:35 - 19:55

garethochse at gmail dotcom

Gareth Ochse & Craig Corte - BuzzFuse

Update on Buzzfuse.com and our international launch. In Feb we launched our pay-for-performance model where we reward creators without consumers having to pay. Our user base has doubled and our inventry has tripled. Most of our traffic is now US, India, and Canadian. We've also launched our pay for download photo and music marketing services. Our talk will be brief but informative, more for those interested at a separate forum.

  19:55 - 20:05 Break 10mins

20:05 - 20:25

jonathan at forgebusiness.com

Jonathan Miller - ForgeBusiness

Jon and team are back from Affiliate Summit Las Vegas with some show-and-tell and industry insight on the latest developments around performance based online marketing, locally and globally.

  20:25 - 20:35 Break 10mins
4 20:35 - 20:55 Jo Duxbury - Freelancentral

Jo has kindly agreed to come and share some of the excitement around Freelancentral, the Freelance Industry and it's Do's and Don'ts and more. Get in touch with Jo if you want specific freelancing topics covered. ( There will be a Freelancentral Get-together the day before 27D - 5.30-8.30pm at Manuka, Cedar Square in Fourways - freelancers, clients and anyone interested in using freelancers welcome. RSVP - see www.freelancentral.co.za for details.)

  20:55 - 21:05 Break 10mins
5 21:05 - 21:25

Brian Carl Brown - Blue Catalyst

Short talk on the launch of video enabled feature of the Blue Catalyst Network Portal for Innovative Entrepreneurs seeking expertise, financing and markets; our services are free of charge to entrepreneurs. THEN WE BUY DESSERT!

  21:25 - 21:30 Closing by MC,
  21:30 - Break - Open mike (if equipment availability permits) or overflow by presenters who feel they have more to say, up to them to fight it out and guage audience interest - .


Please let us know if you'd like to speak or if you have any suggestions for speakers...


At last there is excellent quality online route planning and mapping available to businesses in South Africa. It is available as a page to add to your website. We have been working with our supplier for over 6 months and it is the same quality data as is available on GPS devices such as Garmin, Tom Tom, Road Angel etc. How does this tie in with Google mapping....?


I would be delighted to speak about it. Vanessa Sand - AA Travel Guides Please look at sample on www.essentialtravelinfo.com/route_mapping.html (This link is broken?)








Limited to 100 geeks due to space constraints of the venue.


Add your name to this list if you're coming, take it off if you can't make it. If you have any issues editing the wiki, then you can email mike@cerebra.co.za.


  1. Mike Stopforth mike at cerebra dot coza (MC)
  2. Colette Symanowitz info@mbaconnect.co.za
  3. Gavin Symanowitz gavin@marketingmayhem.co.za
  4. André Clements ForgeBusiness Affiliate Management
  5. Tyler Reed - tyler at younique dot co dot za
  6. Devon Ellett - devon at younique dot co dot za
  7. Kate Elphick - katee@digitalbridges.co.za
  8. Gareth Ochse - garethochse at gmail dot com (http://www.buzzfuse.com)
  9. Jo Duxbury - Freelancentral - will be up from CT - looking forward to meeting the Gauteng 27D crowd
  10. Marc Ashwell - marc at ashwell dot co za
  11. Christine Anderssen - admin at tm4y dot co za
  12. Jacques Erasmus - Youth Dynamix
  13. Nicola Erasmus - Times Square
  14. ingrid rubin - ingrid@longtail.co.za
  15. Regardt van der Berg - SACM
  16. Noto Modungwa noto at ardentsolutions.co.za (www.liberatingconcepts.co.za)
  17. Brian Carl Brown - brian at bcat dot co dot za Blue Catalyst
  18. Paul Storry - Quartex technologies, MAPexchange (a working mapping link!)
  19. Luis de Sousa - luisd ahat syeop dotcoza
  20. Craig Corte
  21. Vanessa Sand www.aatravel.co.za
  22. Hadley Shapiro
  23. Claire Du Plessis - Lowe Bull (Jhb)
  24. Andy Hadfield www.andyhadfield.com
  25. Graham Knox http://www.stormhoek.co.za">http://www.stormhoek.co.za
  26. Jonathan Miller ForgeBusiness
  27. Lonwabo Jobodwana kuhleapha
  28. Chantal Lourenco
  29. Bernard Esterhuyse WoozaShop
  30. Steven Green Ivolution SEO
  31. Paul Bedford
  32. Ferdie Bester ClickMaven
  33. Doug Vining Blue Catalyst
  34. Haroun Kola haroun@consciousvibe.co.za www.consciousvibe.co.za
  35. Annicia Manyaapelo annicia@nich-innovations.com
  36. Lesego Majatladi lesego@ourfacets.com
  37. Telana Simpson onematchstick.co.za
  38. Ramon Thomas (NETucation)
  39. Mandy Maria (27Dinner virgin)
  40. Paul Jacobson (definitely not a 27Dinner virgin)
  41. Jason Probert -mnet
  42. Peter Maree- Biscom Africa - Secure Scale-able Enterprise Fax Solution Software
  43. Marette Maree
  44. Lantz Mattinson www.afromedia.co.za
  45. Isidor Walbrugh - Lazurite Consulting&Investments
  46. Darren Gorton
  47. Melt du Plooy - longtail eMarketing
  48. Yusuf Mahomedy - Worksucks
  49. Charles Lewis - NSI Technology
  50. Jafta Odendaal - jafta.odendaal@gmail.com
  51. Christine da Silva - Cape Town local ;)
  52. Joey da Silva
  53. Storm Hugo
  54. Catherine Lückhoff MANGO-OMC.com
  55. Beverley Merriman
  56. Emma Kaye
  57. Kath Roderick - kathero at microsoft dot com
  58. Simon Botes - The GRID
  59. Richard Miller - Forgebusiness.com
  60. Kelvin Jonck - Forgebusiness
  61. Reshall Jimmy - ForgeBusiness
  62. Nelson Camara - ForgeBusiness
  63. Jon M Bishop - Jonin60seconds
  64. Gavin Warrener - gavinw at microsoft dot com
  65. Jaco Meiring
  66. Kerry-Anne Gilowey - Cape Town Daily Photo
  67. Eric Edelstein - EricEdelstein.com, springleap.com, eSquaredFashion for an hour only as flight back to Cape Town at 9.30 :( Join up to me on Facebook and chat to me before the night
  68. Gavin Levin - TrafficSynergy.com
  69. Marshall Cloete
  70. John Ginsberg - Ensight - www.ensight.co.za
  71. Tamarind Houghton
  72. Jeetesh Kathawaroo
  73. vanessa clark - vanessaleighclark @ gmail.com
  74. Graeme Cumming - M-Net New Media
  75. Tshepiso Miya
  76. Muzikayise Buthelezi - muzi at amaDigital.com
  77. Marcus Shabangu - marcshabangu at yahoo dot com [http://www.yangmarcus.co.za/]
  78. Shahil Juggernath
  79. Keith Griffiths - COJJO
  80. Shavaan Datadin
  81. Fanie Oosthuysen - Wyobi
  82. Danie Bruwer - Wyobi
  83. David Theron - iMob
  84. Eric Clause - egghead at tv screen protectors
  85. Nick Herbert - iMob
  86. Wouter van de Giessen - Wyobi
  87. Andy Higgins - andy at bidorbuy dot coza
  88. Melissa Attree - melissa at geton dot coza (previous plans were cancelled - yay and I SQUEEZE in - oh lucky day!)
  89. Mornay Vivier
  90. Pieter Le Roux
  91. Bheku Msimanga
  92. Mary Mzumara - Quirk
  93. Andrew Timberlake - andrew at andrewtimberlake dot com (First timer)
  94. Kate Thompson - kate at flowsa dot com (www.flowsa.com) sorry for the late cancellation, but we both have a massive work deadline tonight :(
  95. Richard Frank - richard at flowsa dot com (www.flowsa.com) sorry for the late cancellation, but we both have a massive work deadline tonight :(


Most likely coming too, because there will be folks on the list who don't come...


  1. Jeanne Renou
  2. Huibreth
  3. Johan Beukes
  4. Shawn Jooste Elite Blogger (If there's space I'll join in)
  5. Richard Walton - check out our new venture www.mahalasms.co.za - rjwalton at johnboy.co.za - i'll sit outside if need be :-)
  6. Neil Croft - check out our new venture www.mahalasms.co.za - info at smsbug.com




  1. Simone Puterman - [http://blog.bizcommunity.com"|Bizcommunity.com] off to Cape Town for three weeks
  2. Kevin & Shanaaz Trethewey (other commitments)


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