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27-21 Cape Town

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27-21 Cape Town 27 February 2008


To edit this page, the password is "techbum"


This is an "open-source eventing" initiative, done in the interests of industry development. The organisers are involved in the industry, but volunteer their efforts. Any sponsorship goes straight to the audience in attendance!




Free! (You only pay for the food that you order)








The Wild Fig:


What a super venue, and the owner is a geek!


If you'd like to support 27 Dinner Cape Town, please contact Dave Duarte: info@daveduarte.co.za




18h30 for 19h00








50 interesting people:


(Note: it helps to put your name and email address so people can see who's coming and get in contact before-hand if necessary)


  1. Dave Duarte - info@daveduarte.co.za
  2. Charl van Niekerk - charlvn@charlvn.za.net
  3. Tim Shier - tim@quirk.biz
  4. Glen Verran - studio at thezashow dot com
  5. Eric Edelstein
  6. Jade Avinir
  7. Gavin Levin
  8. Shelly Levin
  9. Brandon Golding
  10. Tanya Nockler Golding
  11. Jo Duxbury - jo at freelancentral [.] co [.] za
  12. Dave Mackay - david.mackay1 at gmail dot co dot za
  13. Jayne Morgan - jayne@podcart.co.za
  14. Tania
  15. Malcolm
  16. Mark Parsons
  17. Shane @ stormhoek . co . za
  18. Claire McGuinness - claire@quirk.biz
  19. Carlos Menezes - carlos@quirk.biz
  20. Charl Norman
  21. Malan Joubert - Foxinni
  22. Katharina Scholtz - kat@quirk.biz
  23. Beverley Merriman - bev@feistyfemale.com
  24. Marc Zandhuis- marc at capetownmagazine dot com
  25. Dirk Tolken @ PERONiiyour name here :)
  26. De Waal Steyn - dsteyn1@dieburger.com
  27. Jan Boshoff
  28. Jayx - jayx or designsignature ... and thanks CharlVN for adding me :-P
  29. Andrew Rens
  30. Sasha Botha - sasha@bluesouth.com
  31. Anthony Hazell
  32. Paul Gilowey - Cape Town Daily Photo
  33. Kerry-Anne Gilowey - Cape Town Daily Photo
  34. Datje van Reijendam Datje@Soulicious.co.za
  35. Ian Gilfillan (waiting to be bumped up the list (not anymore))
  36. Lauren Clifford-Holmes
  37. Jeremy Setzer - jeremyksetzer@yahoo.com
  38. Wendren MIlford - wendren@yahoo.com
  39. Robynn Burls - www.encyclomedia.co.za (perhaps serves me right for booking so late, but hopefully I'll get bumped up the list!)
  40. Scott Hayes - www.encyclomedia.co.za (ditto)
  41. Madi Nothnagel - madi@passion4parties.co.za (Only found out about this last night, but would love to join....PLEASE!)
  42. Catherine Lückhoff - http://www.mango-omc.com/
  43. Faheem Kajee - fkajee@gmail.com
  44. Jason Bagley - jasonbagley@"googles email".com
  45. Garrick Jones -  garrick@quirk.biz
  46. Chris Swart - Rudevco


List Closed at 50. Here's the waiting list:




  1. -Jacques Soudan - --www.sumsera.com- - can't make it, too bad - have a nice dinner!
  2. Jacques Marneweck
  3. Jeremy Thurgood - Life got in the way.
  4. Christine da Silva - Out of town
  5. Joey da Silva - Out of town
  6. Marius Bock - can't make it, too bad - have a nice dinner!
  7. Henk Kleynhans - geekrebel.com - will maybe pop in later after Endeavor Town Hall Meeting
  8. Rafiq Phillips - Double booked
  9. Llew Claasen - duty called at last minute
  10. Vanessa clark - handbag stolen last night :( incapable of meaningful activity until I get a new phone, see you next time
  11. Rowan Polovin tech lines
  12. Tristan Owen
  13. teh_wikidknickers - good one Jeremy - life got in the way.
  14. Daniel Bailey - double booked myself, apologies.
  15. Donovan Seymour
  16. Allen Jaffe R.O.I Media  Moving Offices tonight
  17. Adam Lotz R.O.I Media Moving Offices tonight
  18. Richard Wooding - sorry guys, work  :(
  19. Nicola George - can't make it no more :(
  20. Eugene Smit - eugene@bridgewater.co.za - grrr.. damned last minute plan changes!


Nb: List closes at 50 people, take your name off if you can't make it PLEASE!


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