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27-19 Jozi 27th January 2008






The Password to edit this page is techbum





Please let us know if you'd like to speak or if you have any suggestions for speakers...





Primi Melrose Arch





18h30 for 19h00








Any other sponsorship is welcome, contact mike@cerebra.co.za to arrange.





Limited to 100 geeks due to space constraints of the venue.


Add your name to this list if you're coming, take it off if you can't make it. If you have any issues editing the wiki, then you can email mike@cerebra.co.za.


  1. -Mike Stopforth mike at cerebra dot coza (MC)- Damn, can't come anymore, sorry. Kinda forgot I'll be on a plane at the time. Deshanta and Carl will handle the show dudes - enjoy!-



  1. Mark Williams mark.williams @rocketseed.com
  2. Tyler Reed - tyler at younique dot co dot za
  3. Devon Ellett - devon at younique dot co dot za
  4. Paul Storry - Paul at Quartex dot co dot za
  5. Brandon Tancott - Sightings Design
  6. Vaughn du Preez - Sightings Design
  7. Darret King - darretking at weddinic dot com
  8. Peter van der Zee
  9. Lindile Mtshali lindilem@stgroup.co.za www.stgroup.co.za
  10. Kate Elphick - Digital Bridges
  11. Simon Hudson - simon dot hudson at amalgam do co dot za
  12. Brian Carl Brown - brian @ bcat dot co dot za www.bluecatalyst.co.za
  13. Wamu Zuma - Absa homeloans wamukelwe@gmail.com
  14. Bernard Esterhuyse - info@woozashop.co.za - www.woozashop.co.za
  15. Charl van Niekerk - charlvn@charlvn.za.net
  16. Christine Anderssen
  17. Henno Marais - improWEB
  18. Noto Modungwa noto at ardentsolutions dot co dot za
  19. Colette Symanowitz - info@mbaconnect.co.za
  20. Gavin Symanowitz - gavin@marketingmayhem.co.za
  21. Andee Deverell - andee.deverell@standardbank.co.za
  22. Paul Bedford - paul at cytec.co.za
  23. Paul Jacobson
  24. Asher Jacobson
  25. Dipesh Kalan - dipesh dot kalan at standardbank dot co dot za
  26. Lantz Mattinson lantzm@datapro.co.za
  27. Jaco Meiring - jaco at quirk dot biz
  28. Bellinda Edge - bellinda.edge@standardbank.co.za
  29. Catherine Munjoma - catherine.munjoma@standardbank.co.za
  31. Luis de Sousa - luisd ahat syeop co.za
  32. Marc Ashwell (really) - marc@tenaka.co.za
  33. -http://chrisda.wson.co.za-
  34. Guy Taylor - guy at cognasium dot com
  35. Greg Gunner - g at idiversity dot co dot za
  36. Yusuf Mahomedy - Worksucks.co.za
  37. Simone Puterman - simone at bizcommunity dot com (http://blog.bizcommunity.com)
  38. Andr√© Clements Forge Affiliate Management andre at forgebusiness com
  39. Tebogo Msimanga
  40. Bheku Msimanga
  41. Ferdie Bester (ferdie at ClickMaven.net) ClickMaven
  42. Craig Paterson craigp at agilisto dot com
  43. ingrid rubin ingrid@longtail.co.za
  44. Mic B mic at jhblive dot com
  45. Benny Ou at Reflex
  46. Valence Watson at Reflex
  47. Matthew Lee Son at Bosasa
  48. Allan Lee Son at Bosasa
  49. mick shepard from mick&nick
  50. Megan R at Wits
  51. Gareth Ochse (Buzzfuse.com) garethochse at gmail dot com
  52. Jenefer Morgan (Kate/ Darret - will have to find out from you how it goes!)
  53. Craig Nicholson
  54. Leandi Streeter - leandi.streeter@innovationcafe.co.za
  55. I-sobel McKenna - (http://www.123listen2me.com) -Sorry, the moon is in Aries - just kidding, hope to be able to make the next one.
  56. -Ben Nathanson - (http://www.tekelements.com) -Sorry, the moon is where ever Isobel says it is.. - look forward to being there next time!
  57. Eve Dmochowska
  58. Rushil Muggan - http://www.kiefpiet.co.za/
  59. Craig Corte (Buzzfuse.com) craigcorte at gmail dot com
  60. Dianne Frampton dianne at talentcorp dot co dot za
  61. David Frank david f at eftpos dot coza
  62. Matthew du Plessis matt a!t deepbluesea dot co dot za
  63. Gillian Ezra - gilliane@exactmobile.com
  64. Kerrin Black - talentfinders.co.za
  65. Phillip van Coller - http://www.AffiliateLounge.co.za
  66. Gert Grobbelaar
  67. Paul van Coller
  68. Vanessa Sand
  69. Hadley SHapiro
  70. Jemima Ashton-Allen -jemima@yebo.co.za
  71. Jacques Eramus - jacques.erasmus@youthdynamix.co.za - www.youthdynamix.co.za
  72. -removed-


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