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27-13 (Oct 2007 CT)

Page history last edited by Dave Duarte 16 years, 6 months ago

27-13 Cape Town 27 October 2007


To edit this page, the password is "techbum"


This is an "open-source eventing" initiative, done in the interests of industry development. The organisers are involved in the industry, but volunteer their efforts. Any sponsorship goes straight to the audience in attendance!




Free! (You only pay for the food that you order)




  • Cerebra - we orkanize!
  • Stormhoek - will provide a limited amount of wine to get everyone going :-)
  • Randolf Jorberg - Paying for the corkage so we can access the wine!



If you'd like to support 27 Dinner Cape Town, please contact Dave Duarte: dave@cerebra.co.za or 082 974 9294





Deer Park Cafe, 2 Deerpark Drive, Vredehoek, Cape Town

Jason/Zoopy vote taken into account:)





18h30 for 19h00




100 interesting people:


(Note: it helps to put your name and email address so people can see who's coming and get in contact before-hand if necessary)


  1. Dave Duarte info@daveduarte.co.za
  2. Phil Barrett. UserExperience.co.za Speaking
  3. Elaine Rumboll
  4. Alistair Fairweather (now I'll definitely make the cut for the next dinner)
  5. Tracey Steyn
  6. Storm van der Merwe
  7. Mitchell Geere
  8. Join-Leigh Doran
  9. Christo Greeff (christo dot greeff at gmail dot com)
  10. Verashni Pillay
  11. Will Green - will dot green at apurimacmedia dot com
  12. TaniaProjectManagement.co.za People! I have been editing this page to correct typing and spelling mistakes you made in YOUR OWN companies' names and URLs! So if you're wondering why your stats didn't show this page as a referrer before, now you know. And I expect you to return the favour when I err.
  13. Heinrich Schwella - hschwella at skig dot co dot za
  14. Rowan Jacklin - rowanjacklin at gmail.com
  15. de Waal Steyn
  16. Melody Kerchhoff
  17. Nikki Friedman
  18. Johann Schwella
  19. Uno de Waal
  20. phil.rado@digica.com
  21. Rafiq Phillips
  22. Jonathan Foster-Pedley
  23. Paul Gilowey
  24. Kerry-Anne Gilowey
  25. Benny at Reflex
  26. Ernst Kuschke www.ernstkuschke.com
  27. Dirk Tolken - PERONii Solutions
  28. Marcel Joubert
  29. Richard Parry (rajparry at gmail dot com)
  30. Allen Jaffe R.O.I Media
  31. Eric E
  32. Shelly Levin
  33. Gavin Levin
  34. Celeste Julie Trobonhaven
  35. Jayx (info at designsignature dot co dot za)
  36. Charl van Niekerk (charlvn at charlvn dot za dot net)
  37. Stefano Sessa  Clickatell
  38. Beverley Merriman (bev at feistyfemale dot com)
  39. Abraham Van De Merwe (abz at frogfoot dot com)
  40. Stanley Cornelius (stanley.cornelius at gmail dot com)
  41. Jonathan Andrews (jono1980 at gmail dot com)
  42. Willie
  43. Niki McQueen
  44. AJ Kock (listening)
  45. Maximillian Kaizen
  46. Julie Scott
  47. Jason Zoopy
  48. Pat Zoopy
  49. Gerry Zoopy
  50. Jacques
  51. Marcus (molo at capetownmagazine dot com - http://www.capetownmagazine.com)
  52. Isa Jacobson (isalee@iafrica.com)
  53. Simon Botes (simon AT fring dot com)
  54. Brett Simpson (brett at breadbin dot com)
  55. Duncan Drennan
  56. Donné Drennan
  57. Shane Dryden Yuppiechef.co.za
  58. Fred Roed World Wide Creative
  59. Mike Gonsalez Perk World Wide Creative
  60. Nicola Gonzales World Wide Creative
  61. Neil Blakey-Milner
  62. Glen Verran
  63. Storm Buckingham - Clickatell
  64. Tammy Lotz - Realm Digital
  65. Tim Shier - Quirk eMarketing
  66. Faheem Kajee fkajee@gmail.com
  67. Simon Back simon@backsberg.co.za
  68. Nigel Bowman - Wakenipa - wakenipa@gmail.com
  69. Wayne Do Rego - Wakenipa - wakenipa@gmail.com
  70. Andre Bothma - saclimatecrisis.wordpress.com - bothmamail at gmail dot com
  71. Andrew Smit - andsmit at gmail dot com
  72. Miguel dos Santos - (md at idrive dot co dot za)
  73. Yasser Buchana lilji25@gmail.com
  74. Jacqueline Cleobury
  75. Jeremy Thurgood
  76. Scott Hayes - Encyclomedia
  77. Robynn Burls - Encyclomedia
  78. Linda Brown - Liquid Lime Studios
  79. Carlos Menezes - Quirk eMarketing
  80. Claire McGuinness - Quirk eMarketing
  81. Karen Gaylard - Tamar (karen dot gaylard @ tamar.com)
  82. Auke Slotegraaf (auke at psychohistorian.org)
  83. Wilbur - fried.or.scrambled at gmail dot com
  84. Mikhailo Melnyczuk - Melnyczuk Research & Development (FoodResearch.net)
  85. Padraic O'Meara - BigEyedDeer - padraicomeara@gmail.com
  86. Tamsin Relly - tamsinrelly@gmail.com
  87. Mohammed Khan - Global Voice
  88. Ben Williams - editor at book dot co dot za
  89. Ashley Shaw - LightSpeed
  90. Grah∂m Pou/ter
  91. Stelio Gouveia - stelio@skyrove.com
  92. Jo Duxbury - jo at freelancentral dot co dot za (am I in if I'm #101?)
  93. Henk Kleynhans - http://www.geekrebel.com
  94. Randolf Jorberg - 27 at fliks dot coza
  95. Vanessa Kearney - www.electricfire.co.za
  96. Nadeem Petersen - www.electricfire.co.za
  97. Zoe Pedersen - www.electricfire.co.za
  98. Hannes Foulds - http://hannesfoulds.blogspot.com/
  99. Mike Parry - mikeparry@southernstyleevents.com ... mike.parry@xlntevents.com
  100. Steve Sabatier
  101. Stii Pretorius last minute decision...
  102. Belinda Pretorius
  103. Alex Berrai - alex.berrai@gmail.c
  104. Heather THompson - heather@flaxenjade.co.za
  105. Jonathan Thompson - jonathan@mzansisa.co.za
  106. Joy-Mari Cloete - joycloete by gpos dot com
  107. Lonwabo Jobodwana - http://www.kuhleapha.blogspot.com
  108. Dave Mackay - david dot mackay1 at gmail dot com
  109. Claire Commins - claracom@yahoo.com
  110. Steve Norris - http://www.sexydunny.blogspot.com
  111. Brandon Golding - brandon@ois.co.za
  112. Tanya Nockler Golding - tanya@ois.co.za
  113. Philippa Kruger - philippa@primelife.co.za - Primedia



List closed


Can't make it:

  • Catherine Lückhoff www.mango-omc.com - sorry, have to go to a wedding in Stellies. Have fun!
  • Llew Claasen - KeyJam.net (Keep missing these 27 Dinners, dammit!)
  • Lluwellyn Diedericks - See you next time guys - Enjoy! lluwellyn.diedericks@sabusinesshub.co.za



Joey da Silva joey at formfunction dot co dot za (Sorry, planning for the Facebook Garage on Tuesday 30th October: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=5112483650)


Trevor Kinnear trevor at moodia dot co dot za (Sorry, planning for the Facebook Garage on Tuesday 30th October: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=5112483650)


Christine da Silva christine at altersage dot com (sorry I cant make it :( - but now a space open for someone else!) See you again at the next one!


Hi Can someone please put detailed directions to the venue, coming through from Plett and don't wanna get lost. Thanx simon



Next time:




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