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27-11 Jozi 27th September 2007





The Password to edit this page is techbum




27 is happening this week? Any topics or speakers yet? :) Yep!

Gareth Ochse from Buzzfuse

Paul Bisognio - Innovation to the Top




Primi Piatti - Rosebank (The Studio)




18h30 for 19h00





Stormhoek - will provide a limited amount of wine to get everyone going :-)

Missing Link - Video

Granadil Media - organisation thanks Kwamz!

Symantec - paying for the AV equipment!


Any other sponsorship is welcome, contact mike@cerebra.co.za to arrange.




Limited to 100 geeks due to space constraints of the venue.


Add your name to this list if you're coming, take it off if you can't make it. If you have any issues editing the wiki, then you can email mike@cerebra.co.za.


  1. Mike Stopforth mike at cerebra dot coza (MC)
  2. Tyler Reed tyler at younique.co.za
  3. Noto Modungwa noto at ardentsolutions.co.za
  4. Elizabeth Jansen van Vuuren at encounterafrica.co.za
  5. Simon Griffiths simon_g at global.co.za
  6. neale forrest neale at gmail dot col
  7. jemima ashton-allen jemima at yebo dot co dot za
  8. martello momple martello at momple dot co dot za
  9. -Tracy Parsons tracyp at fin24 dot co dot za
  10. -Gina Strydom ginas at finweek dot co dot za
  11. Charl Norman - Blueworld, Zoopedup
  12. Justin Hartman - justin at hartmanlife dot com
  13. Gian Visser - Afrihost.com : g at afrihost dott com
  14. Brendan Armstrong : brendan at afrihost dot com
  15. Marsh Middleton : marsh dot middleton at gmail dot com Scope creep and last minute deadlines....my apologies.
  16. Colin Hastie at iafrica.com, thanks Marsh
  17. Simone Puterman (http://blog.bizcommunity.com) sub at bizcommunity.com
  18. Lucy Smith - www.jozikids.co.za
  19. Daniel Munslow - (www.mediaupdate.co.za) editor/media manager
  20. Deshanta Naidoo - deshanta at cerebra dot coza
  21. Mark Clarke - Jumping Bean
  22. Dan Jawitz - dan@voxpix.net
  23. Vincent Truter - Vega School
  24. Bruce Nicholson - bruce at i5 dot co dot za
  25. Bradley Voges - Blueworld
  26. Nitesh Vallabh - niteshv@pbt.co.za
  27. Derek Gardiner derek.gardiner@gmail.com
  28. Justin Spratt - justin@vottle.com - hyperlink if you have good mail filters :-)
  29. Annicia Manyaapelo - annicia@nich-innovations.com
  30. Kagiso Msimango - kagisom@kagisomedia.co.za
  31. Zanele Madikane - zanelem@kagisomedia.co.za
  32. Prieur du Plessis - prieur at gmail dot com
  33. Armand du Plessis - armand@dotnet.org.za
  34. Lantz Mattinson - afromedia@gmail.com - AFROmedia
  35. Candice Glossoti - glossoti@gmail.com
  36. Claire Wallace - claire@vegaschool.com
  37. Nic Haralambous - SA Rocks, FM Campus
  38. Quincy Ntuli - iLoveRadio - quincy.ntuli@gmail.com
  39. Stephan Mkhawane - stephanm at ananzi dot coza
  40. Arno Nel - arno dot nel at gmail dot com
  41. Jason Hobbs - info at jh-01 dot com
  42. Marius Burger - marius at jh-01 dot com
  43. Nicholas Grobler
  44. Dawie Roux
  45. Jaco Vosloo
  46. Rainer Schmid - rainer at quirk dot biz
  47. Patrick Homan - djp_inishi8@yahoo.com
  48. Colin Daniels - danielsc at johncom.co.za
  49. Carly Ritz - ritzc at thetimes.co.za
  50. thescott - iarescott at gmail
  51. Grant Mills - Max Definition - grant.mills@maxdefinition.net
  52. Pixi HB - Max Definition - pixi.hb@maxdefinition.net
  53. Sue-Lynn Sheldon
  54. Thea Burger - thea at dotnet.org.za
  55. Eve Dmochowska
  56. Tshepiso Mnisi - tmnisi@investec.co.za
  57. Gustav Potgieter - gus ad phunk ko dot za
  58. Victor Vezi 0833918927@mtnloaded.co.za
  59. Gareth Ochse www.buzzfuse.com garethochse at gmail dot com
  60. Craig Corte www.buzzfuse.com craigcorte at gmail dot com
  61. David Theron - david at imob dot coza
  62. Chris Geerdts - cgeerdts at webmail dot co za
  63. Doug Vining - futurenova.goingon.com
  64. Dianne Frampton dianne at talentcorp dot co dot za
  65. Paul Bisognio - Speaker, The Innovation Hub
  66. Tobie van der Spuy, Luuk
  67. Roger Saner - roger at macgeek dot co dot za
  68. Brian Carl Brown - COO Blue Catalyst - brian at bluecat dot co dot za
  69. Sue O. suey at absa co za
  70. Christian Burger - christian at thinkopen dot biz



  1. Craig Nicholson craign at google mail dot com (got another event on)
  2. James and Zunelle Cairns also have a clash - next time...
  3. Michael Balkind- mic at jhblive dot com- Had to go to Cape Town
  4. Graeme Cumming - gcumming at gmail dot com - Another event on at the same time.
  5. Paul Johnston - paul at qbits dot co dot za - In Jeffrey's bay unexpectedly.
  6. Tharien van Niekerk - tharien ad gam co dot za (got to work sry)
  7. Kenneth Clark - kenneth.clark@skyetech.co.za (deadlines moved forward, sorry. I will try be there next month)
  8. Tracy Parsons - sorry just got a brief in which is due tomorrow
  9. Gina Strydom - ditto
  10. Brandon Tancott - Sightings Design (MD) Really wanted to our team to attend, deadlines creeping in on us, see you all next month....
  11. Elri Coleman - Sightings Design
  12. Jaco Meiring - jaco at quirk dot biz (Last minute I know, but have no choice - apologies).
  13. Carl Spies carl at cerebra dot coza - last minute shifts *surfs the chaos*

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