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27-1 Jozi 27th January 2007




Considering speakers, networkers and attendees alike didn't get nearly enough time to promote their relevant contributions to SA's social media wave - I thought it might be an idea to add links here (alphabetical order sounds fair?). Thanks for a great conference/dinner/drinks - hopefully more to come... (Andy Hadfield)


Please add your links below...



All Scrubbed Up - Andy Hadfield

Cowboys & Engines - Andy Hadfield

Dave Duarte - Dave Duarte

Mike Stopforth - Mike Stopforth

Paki's Corner - Andy Hadfield

chilibean - Victoire Albany and Paul Jacobson

Aquila Online - Aquila (Nico Olwagen)

WoozaBlog - Bernard Esterhuyse

GettyCash - Getty Cash

Flickr Babes TGP



Africa 2.0 - Andy Hadfield

Amplitude - Stopforth & Duarte

3puppies media - Paul Jacobson

Bizcommunity.com - Simone Puterman

WoozaShop - Bernard Esterhuyse

Lasik Eye Surgery






We have to kick off the dinner earlier as we are only going to be afforded the chance to show preso's and do some speaking until 7pm, when the rest of the customers typically flood in. If we can occupy ALL THE SPACE IN THE STUDIO, this won't be an issue :)


Venue: The Studio, Primi Piatti, Rosebank


Time: 5pm


Speakers: see below




Who's attending:


  1. Mike Stopforth mike at cerebra dot coza
  2. Paul Jacobson pejrm1 at gmail dot com (speaker)
  3. Gina Jacobson gina at jacobson dot coza
  4. Carly Ritz carlyritz at gmail dot com (Sunday Times Online) (speaker)
  5. Victoire victoire dot za at gmail dot com
  6. Nic Haralambous nicharalambous at gmail dot com
  7. Peas ON Toast peasontoast at gmail dot com
  8. Jaxon Rice jaxon at soup dot coza
  9. Thescott iarescott at gmail dot com
  10. Vincent Maher vincentm at mg dot coza (Strategist: Mail & Guardian Online) (speaker)
  11. Daniella Maher daniella at cambrient dot coza (Cambrient)
  12. Duncan Alfers duncan at intelligence dot coza (Technology writer: Intelligence Magazine)
  13. Stuart Lowman stuart at intelligence dot coza (Editor: Intelligence Magazine)
  14. Carl Spies carl at cerebra dot coza
  15. Hilton Tarrant hilton at moneyweb dot coza (Production Editor: Moneyweb)
  16. Angus Robinson angusrobinson a-t gmail dot com
  17. Dave Duarte dave at cerebra dot coza (speaker)
  18. Andrew Glanville andrew at fury dot org dot za
  19. Luana Jordaan luana dot jordaan at gmail dot com
  20. Danie Roux danie dot roux at acolyte dot coza (speaker)
  21. Dominic White singe (a-t) rucus fullstop net (Johannesburg)
  22. Daniela Faris daniela (a-t) icommons fullstop org (Johannesburg)
  23. Gregor Rohrig gregor.rohrig at gmail dot com
  24. Andr√© SC andre@pixelplexus.co.za ForgeBusiness.com
  25. Jaco Meiring jaco at quirk dot biz
  26. Christof Appel (speaker)
  27. Sascha Mohr sascha at ascendancy-software dot co dot za
  28. Melanie Cavanagh melanie at ascendancy-software dot co dot za
  29. Jon Wise
  30. Mark Marais mark at quirk dot biz
  31. Bronwyn Jones bronwynj at quirk dot biz
  32. Paul Page ptjpage at gmail dot com
  33. Shaun Dewberry shaun at dewberry dot co dot za
  34. Armand du Plessis armand at dotnet dot org dot za (Can't make Jan :( Have fun)
  35. Aquila aquila at webmail dot co dot za
  36. Heather Ford heather (a-t) icommons fullstop org
  37. Verge Vergedn@gmail.com
  38. Ramon Thomas ramon at ramonthomas.com
  39. Ramon's partner
  40. Donovan van Wyk donovan dot van wyk at gmail dot com
  41. Simone Puterman simone at bizcommunity dot com (Senior sub-editor, Bizcommunity.com)
  42. Simone's partner, Lionel Tomasek
  43. Nikki Erasmus
  44. Kwame Mdaka kwame at ontogenyit dot coza
  45. Charmaine Naude Charmaine at kamui dot co dot za
  46. Gavin Naude
  47. Nikki McCutcheon Nikki at kamui dot co dot za
  48. Bernard Venter
  49. Pieter Geldenhuys from Vodacom / ITSI at pieter at itsi dot org za
  50. Yusuf Mahomedy worksuck at worksucks dot co za
  51. Roger Saner roger at macgeek.co.za
  52. Justin Hartman me at justinhartman dot com - Apologies from me for being such a social misfit and not making it through even if only for a few minutes. Will be at the next one without question or drinks are on me!
  53. Clive Lotter at http://www.myspace.com/pavafrotti
  54. Clive's partner
  55. Kerryn Stapp kestapp at gmail dot com
  56. Mike Solomon mikegsolomon at gmail dot com
  57. Kirsty Libera
  58. Jenny Cereseto jenny at smartdate dot co za
  59. Aasiya Salauddin Ahmod at aasiya@sagepastel.com
  60. David Walstra davewalstra at iburst dot co dot za
  61. Nausher Rahman nausher at vwv dot com
  62. Abey Mokgwatsane abey at vwv dot com
  63. Louise Mokgwatsane
  64. Dana Cinman dana at egis dash software dot com
  65. Rory Freeman rfreeman at multichoice dot co dot za (Managing Editor, MultiChoice New Media)
  66. Anton de Wet: ascii at 27dinner.phun.net
  67. Diricia de Wet: diricia at 27dinner.phun.net
  68. David Chislett: david at dcpm.co.za
  69. Yvonne Loxton
  70. Gerhard Schroder
  71. Stef Ellet
  72. Megan Woods megan at homecomingrevolution dot co za
  73. Shireen Singer at jwt dot com
  74. Rohan Shackleford at hammerdesign dot co dot za
  75. Courtenay Farquharson
  76. Andy Hadfield andyhsa at google's mail service. speaker, apparently :) - Sorry, Andy, I'm a dick - forgot (Mike) No worries...
  77. Deshanta Naidoo
  78. Deshanta's Partner
  79. Julia Dutton
  80. Julia's friend
  81. Guy God Taylor guy dot taylor at gmail dot com
  82. stefan lesicnik - man, i got this at really short notice, and i've kinda got plans, but will do my bestest.
  83. Jacques de Villiers
  84. Kevin Heydenrych kevin.hydenrych at gmail com
  85. Dr Jill Sawers jsawers@theinnovationhub.com
  86. Mr Paul Bisogno pbisogno@theinnovationhub.com
  87. Kate Elphick katee@digitalbridges.co.za


Apologies from Ray Hartley of Sunday Times who was tied up on an old media night shift ...

Apologies for being stuck in a lift for most of Saturday afternoon, thanks to Eskom!! - Deshanta

Apologies from the doctors who treat hyperhidrosis and bi polar disorder (you know who you are :) ) for missing this tech revival .....







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